Smile For Camera

Ahhhh...suddenly feeling shy?

Sad and Lonely

I'm going to go out now. I maybe back in a few hours.

Diaper Hat

And keep this on till my friends come.

Cry Baby

That's it...turn to face me. And stop covering your face.

Diaper Spanking

Cry all you like, when I tell you to do something, you don't answer back. You just do it! Can you feel this through your diaper?

Now You'll Shut Up!

Always whining. This'll cure you. Now just sit still in your diaper or do you want even more punishment?

Hiding Won't Help

No matter where you try to hide, your diaper will follow. That'll teach you for try to remove it. When I punish you, the diaper stays on.


This is what diaper punishment is all about. I hope she's embarrassed and ashamed.

Household Chores

Stop looking at me like that, or you'll miss a bit and have to start over.

In The Corner

Kneeling on the hard cold floor.

All Hung Up

Sometimes not cleaning the bath has consequences...

Don't Look At Me Like That

Keep your eyes down and look at your diaper.

Late Home From School = Diaper Punishment

How many times have I told you not to be late...

Diapered Hair wash!

And while you're at it, stop your whimpering.

New Foot Stool

Yeah...just stay there until you're told to move. And stop that crying.