Looky Here

Don't you dare turn away when I tell you to look at your diaper.

The Tears Of Diaper Punishment

Ahhh..don't you like your diaper?

A Diapered Housewife's Work Is Never Done

Hurry up! My friends will be here any minute now. And then we'll have a laugh!

The Evil Eye

Look at me like that, young lady, and I'll smack your fucking face.

About To Be Wet And Cold

What me to turn on the cold water?

Playground Shame

I think that your school friends will enjoy this.

Diaper Naughty Step

You can come back inside when you say sorry.

A Gentle Reminder For A Naughty Girl

This'll help to remind you to think a little before you do something stupid.

Hard Not To laugh

Covering your face doesn't make the diaper go away.

Share the Diaper Experience

Out, out...for the neighbours to see your diaper.

Corner Of Diaper Shame

That it...lift up the skirt for the photo. I shall enjoy showing these to my friends! 

New Lamp Stand

A fine piece of diaper furniture.

Too Funny

Laugh and the world laughs with you. Cry...and we all laugh some more.